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Do you hate your job?

If you are hesitant to go to work each work day and you often experience headaches, health symptoms, office burn out and fatigue when you go to work or think about work...then you may hate your job. But all is not lost.

The way people feel at work often influences how they perform their jobs. The fact is that employees feel satisfied and productive when 4 core needs are met: 1) physical; 2) emotional; 3) mental; 4) spiritual. An employees' physical need is met when they've had an opportunity to recharge. Their emotional need is met when they feel valued and they feel their professional contributions matter. Their mental need is met when there is an opportunity to focus & work independently and their spiritual need is met when they feel connected to a higher purpose.

Studies also show that employee work performance improves when employees are encouraged by a supervisor to take breaks or when they feel that a supervisor cares about their well-being. Employees also perform at a higher level when they are more focused and they believe their work has significance, which results in higher job satisfaction.

If you are a supervisor and you value the investment your employees make to your organization, you must provide more to them other than their salary. You must challenge employees to grow professionally, personally, emotionally and intellectually. You must also understand that digital technology is placing more demands on them and that you must trust them to perform their work without constant direct oversight. Also, be mindful that the energy of the leader is CONTAGIOUS!

If you don't have a supervisor, who is very energetic, upbeat or positive in the office or takes the time to write hand-written notes of thanks, then it's time to get self motivated or look for another job that provides a better alignment with your core values. Develop an action plan and do something to improve your office environment or job prospects. What do you have to lose? PM

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